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'And the day came when the risk to remain in a tight bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom'

Anais Nin


We all go through times in life when we struggle, suffer and experience pain; we’re all human.  However, a prolonged sense of struggle and suffering can be detrimental to our wellbeing.

Unfortunately when it comes to our mental and emotional health we’re more likely to dismiss how we feel by using unhealthy coping mechanisms such as over eating, drugs, alcohol, sex, over working or exercise to numb the pain, to enable us to continue to function in our life. 

We can use these coping mechanisms as a defence to distance ourselves from our feelings.  Over time, this pattern of behaviour can have a detrimental impact on our overall health causing us to suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

As an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor I will work collaboratively with you to find the best approach for you.  


I provide a safe, warm, confidential, non-judgemental space for you to reflect on the thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and belief systems that are motivating and affecting your behaviour.


I use my theoretical knowledge and clinical experience to support you until we can get to the heart of the matter.  


I will listen to your story in a non-judgemental way and help you to identify your habitual pattern of relating both to yourself and other people so that hopefully you can then choose, if you wish, to learn to behave and relate differently, in a way that feels healthier, more nourishing and enhances sustainable emotional intimacy.

My aim is to accompany you compassionately on this journey as you explore, recognise, understand and integrate any past hurts and/or traumas you may have experienced and examine how they may be affecting you now. 

This awareness can enable you to grieve past losses and process any residual feelings so that you can feel less weighted down emotionally and mentally which will hopefully enable you to make more conscious choices and decisions going forward in your life.

Who is Counselling & Psychotherapy for?


Everyone.  Some people seek support because they are in crisis or have had an incident occur such as a relationship breakdown, bereavement, job loss, or sudden unexplained anxiety or depression. 

I also support many people who are not in crisis; who are functioning very well in life and yet they suffer from low confidence and self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties. 

Counselling can be an excellent opportunity to explore what might be holding you back or weighting you down so that you can live a more meaningful, authentic, enriching life. 

I see a diverse range of people from ethnic and social backgrounds that range from students to professionals of all ages.  I also enjoy working with people who are training to become Psychotherapists and Counsellors themselves.

My Experience

I have extensive experience working with issues related to bereavement and loss, relationship issues and working with difference, specifically people who feel different or feel like an outsider because of their sexual or cultural identity. 


I have experience working in the charity and higher education sector with men, women, transgender and individuals who identify as non-binary. 

I have a broad range of experience working with individuals who have experienced domestic violence and childhood trauma such as childhood sexual abuse, emotional deprivation and neglect.

What I offer

I offer both short and longer term counselling in North London.

Short term counselling can be for up to 6, 12 or 24 weeks and is suitable for some people who come seeking support for a specific issue.

Long term, open ended counselling is more suitable for people with more complex, deep seated issues. 

It’s important to remember that therapy is a process and an important investment of your time, money and energy.  Emotional baggage which you’ve spent years carrying around and trying to put behind you can take time to unpack. 

The benefit to you of unpacking this emotional baggage is that hopefully you will be able to move forward in your life feeling lighter, less anxious or depressed and with more energy and confidence to live your life purposefully, wholehearted and with fulfilment.


MA in Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling

Diploma in Counselling

Professional Affiliations:

Registered accredited member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).

Registered member of BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)

I abide by the Code of Ethics of both of these organisations. 

The Relational School 




Liv White Standing_edited.jpg

Client Testimonial 

"I started seeing Olivia for therapy sessions while dealing with some very difficult circumstances in my personal and professional life.


I was initially apprehensive about the benefits of therapy as I had not had good experiences in the past, but Olivia was amazing. She gave me the space, structure and support I needed to work through the issues I was facing in a meaningful way.


After two very successful years of counselling, I have not only made peace with the specific issues that brought me to therapy, I have also learned to engage with myself in a more compassionate and understanding manner. This lasting change in my outlook and behaviour fills me with a great deal of confidence and optimism for the future, which I am very grateful for. I couldn’t recommend Olivia more highly!" - Derek 

Relationship Issues

Grief, Bereavement & Loss

Identity Issues/Migration/Feeling like an outsider

"Love" by Alexander Milov

"Raising Cairn" by Celeste Roberge

"In search of Missing Pieces" by Bruno Catalonia

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